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Pose Estimation

Pose Estimation is an educational tool developed to aid instructors in calculating the number of times and amount of time they spent facing away from and toward their students. Pose Estimation does this by analyzing lecture recordings using machine learning to determine which way the instructor was facing then documenting their movement in an Excel file. For Pose Estimation to work properly the lecture recording must have the instructor facing directly toward the camera. The following is a visual depiction of how Pose Estimation works.

You can test the Pose Estimation education tool by uploading the lecture recording found here.

Video Input:Video Analyzing:

Excel Output:

Direction Start Time End Time Front Count Back Count
1 Front 0sec ~ 0min 1sec 3 3
2 Back 0min 1sec ~ 0min 7sec
3 Front 0min 7sec ~ 0min 9sec
4 Back 0min 9sec ~ 0min 10sec
5 Front 0min 10sec ~ 0min 12sec
6 Back 0min 12sec ~ 0min 15sec

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02-17-2022 12:15:00

Duration: 5:33min

Uploaded by John Jones


Dr. Dongchul Kim, Junseong Park, Joselito Guardado, and Md Ashraful Islam